Ear training app

Identify sounds accurately and quickly! Otoate is an ear training app!
Simplest of the lot of ear training apps, yet challenging and addictive!
Tuning done by a perfect pitch person!
You can train your reflexes alongside your musical ear. Enjoyable as a brain workout app!

To operate

Identify sounds quickly!
Hear a randomly given sound from CDEFGABC, and tap the key button indicating the note you think it is. You have 10 questions.
Your score is the sum of the time you spend on 10 questions.


Improve your level and tell everyone!
Your level is qualified base on your score. The better you score, the higher level you will be qualified to.
Each game mode has a different upper limit of levels, so challenge the difficult game mode for the higher qualification.

Game Mode

There are 5 different game modes.
You can challenge more difficult game mode by beating easy game modes.